Workers 'ignore public safety', burn offerings near bus stop in front of People's Park Centre

Submitted by Stomper Anon

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With many burning offerings during this time of the year, is public safety being compromised?

Stomper Anon shared photos of a group of people burning offerings on the side of Eu Tong Seng Street on Aug 16 at around 6.30pm.

"It was in front of People's Park Centre in Chinatown," said the Stomper.

"The workers ignored public safety and burned a large amount of incense next to the road. It was just 10m away from the bus stop.

"It was windy and some of the incense that was on fire could be blown off and land on the road.

"This is an unacceptable act."

Stomp earlier reported that another Stomper was concerned about people burning candles at the side of the road too close to an electrical box in Geylang at the start of the Lunar Seventh Month.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force has shared some fire safety tips for this period.