Woodlands resident shares photos of full moon while waiting for 'longest lunar eclipse of the century'

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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Stomper Kannan shared with Stomp videos and photos of the last full moon on June 28 from his flat in Woodlands, in anticipation of the next "blood moon eclipse" that is to come.

He is doing so in anticipation of the next "blood moon eclipse", celestial event that will be happening during the wee hours of July 28.

Termed the "blood moon eclipse", the phenomenon is the longest lunar eclipse in this century, said Kannan.

During this phase, the sunlight gets reflected onto the moon as it bends through the earth’s atmosphere during sunsets and sunrises, thus making the white bright moon turn blood-red.

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He said: "This will be the longest lunar eclipse of the century and it can be seen right here in Singapore.

"Hopefully we will get a good weather to watch the entire episode."

Check out the gallery for his images of the full moon in June.

For more information about the eclipse, check out these websites.

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