What a gorgeous full moon spotted by Woodlands resident on Vesak Day!

Submitted by Stomper Kannan

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Stomper Kannan saw a stunning full moon in Woodlands on Vesak Day (May 29) and captured stunning photos that he would like to share with everyone.

Kannan described the moon to be "simply awesome" as it emerged from the clouds looking "bright orangey-yellow".

According to Kannan, this Full Moon of May was visible from 7.30pm onwards, and it was also known as the Flower Moon, which signifies the flowers that bloom during this month.

He said: "There is a variety of wildflowers that bloom in the month of May in the Northern Hemisphere, hence, that was where the name 'Flower Moon' traditionally originated.

"Other names for May's brightest moon phase are the 'Corn Planting Moon' and the 'Milk Moon'."

Check out his beautiful snaps in the gallery or watch his video below.