Woman's neighbours below keep banging on ceiling, one threatened previous resident with chopper

Submitted by Stomper Nicole

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When she moved into the Sengkang flat two months ago, no one warned her about the "neighbours from hell", as she describes them now.

Stomper Nicole has since called the police more than once and sought help from her MP, all to no avail.

She shared videos of hearing banging noises in her home and one of the elderly neighbours threatening the previous resident of the flat with a chopper.

The Stomper had started living there only on May 28.

"I’m a new resident and I am being bullied by my downstairs neighbour," she told Stomp.

"They bang on the ceiling very loudly every day because they hear voices and noises, and smell something weird coming out of my home.

"They came up and asked me whether anyone else was living with me. They asked if anyone was hiding inside. They accused me of running and jumping around in my flat at 4am. That was why they banged back. I have CCTV at home to prove nobody in my home was jumping and running.

"They even threw soil at my gate.

"I called the police and the MP. They said the couple had a history of doing this.

"I talked to the neighbours on my floor and the couple's floor. They said people seldom visit the couple and the son didn’t want to live with them.

"Now I’m worried for the safety of my two daughters, 4 and 6, because the couple had a history of holding a chopper outside my unit. I’m so distressed."

The Stomper said the incident happened on June 28 last year before she moved in.

The video shows an elderly woman brandishing a chopper and arguing with the previous resident of the unit while an elderly man waited behind her.

"Apparently, the aunty and uncle have come up to my home many times, but it was to throw soil. They haven’t brought a chopper yet," said the Stomper, who is an influencer.

"But I'm very worried because the couple always come up to my unit."

The Stomper shared a July 7 video of the couple speaking cordially to her at her door about the previous resident making noise at night. The conversation ended on friendly terms.

Yet, the banging continued.

The Stomper also shared an e-mail from her MP, Mr Jamus Lim, that said: "Unfortunately, the issue isn't quite that straightforward.

"The police, as you know, are aware of the situation, but while they have the authority to arrest on the basis of public safety, they have declined to do so, opting instead to monitor and intervene when called (perhaps because, as you have also noted, the lady is generally calm and even slightly beleaguered, and doesn't normally display signs of being out of control).

"I have spoken to not just the couple but also their son, and they have sent no signals that they wish for her to be assessed for her mental health.

"Under current law, judges can compel a mental health assessment, but if an individual is not willing, it is difficult to infringe on their rights and force them to do so.

"That said, I have conferred with lawyers and there is one additional option (which may or may not work). If you are willing to be the feedback provider, we can write to the Agency for Integrated Care, on your behalf, to request that they intervene and consider an assessment of the mental health of the resident."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that police reports were lodged.