Man breaks up fight between his brother and neighbour -- by splashing water at them

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Jun 22, 2023

His brother and neighbour were in a heated argument, again. And this man found a way to cool things down — by pouring a pail of water on them.

Speaking to Shin Min Daily News about the incident, Mr Lim explained that both of them have had a hostile relationship for over a decade now.

The carpenter, 63, said he moved into his unit at 54 Cassia Crescent, at Guillemard Road, with his wife and children 39 years ago.

His younger brother, who lives nearby, goes to his house every morning to offer prayers before going to work. 

On the day of the incident (June 10), Mr Lim had wanted to buy a lottery ticket. But he heard his brother and neighbour quarrelling outside his flat — a sign of bad luck surely.

His brother had been offering incense when he got into an argument with the neighbour, who allegedly pushed him on the shoulder. 

Mr Lim told them to argue somewhere else but they ignored him. 

"It was a Saturday, and I was planning to buy 4D. They were arguing outside my house so early in the morning. It was bad luck. How can I expect to win?" he said. 

To stop them, he poured a pail of water on his younger sibling, reported Shin Min. 

He also splashed some water in his neighbour's direction to chase her away. 

But it triggered the woman instead. She got her husband to splash water on Mr Lim and his brother. 

"Her husband got a pail of water and splashed it all over me and my brother.

"In my anger, I splashed another pail of water at them and told my brother to stop arguing with them," he said.

His neighbour tried to pick a fight again with his brother at the void deck. This time, his brother ignored her.

Mr Lim said that he and his neighbour have gone to a mediator but are still unable to settle their differences. 

He claimed that his neighbour had even chased him with a knife and wooden stick. 

The police have been to their homes multiple times to resolve disputes. 

When Shin Min spoke to the neighbour, who identified herself as Madam Deng, she said: "They splashed water at us first, so we had to retaliate. His younger brother even snatched the pail and hit my husband's back." 

She that she did not have any ill will towards the brothers but got upset when they allegedly cursed her grandson. 

She said that they both agreed not to get in each other's way after going to the mediator but that the younger Lim would still cause trouble. 

"His younger brother often makes rude gestures at us and he has a foul mouth," said the 78-year-old cleaner.

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