Woman tears tissue and throws pieces on car at Yishun carpark, caught on video twice

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A woman was caught on video tearing up tissue and throwing the pieces at a car parked at a multi-storey carpark at Block 461 Yishun Avenue 6.

She was caught in the act twice, on Oct 3 and Oct 4, and the footage was shared on SG Road Vigilate's YouTube page.

It has since garnered over 14,000 views.

The owner of the vehicle said that he had parked at a corner lot.

After receiving a notification that a 'suspicious person' was at his car, he reported the matter to LifeSG and thought things would be okay.

"The next day, same lady again [dumped] the tissues on my car, and [looked] angrier than before," he wrote.

"I think I had parked at 'their' lot, but this [is a] public carpark, what is the problem there?"

Some netizens commented that the woman wasn't littering but 'cursing' the car owner.

Others said that the driver must have 'offended' her to act this way.