Woman stuck on boat while seeking shelter from rain -- but why didn't she just go to nearby block?

Submitted by Stomper Timothy

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A 35-year-old woman was rescued by SCDF officers from a boat near Tanjong Rhu Road yesterday (Jan 15) morning.

Stomper Timothy was in the area at around 7am when he saw fire engines, police cars and other rescue vehicles at the scene.

In response to Stomp's media queries, the police said that they received a call for assistance along Tanjong Rhu Road at 5.15am.

"A 35-year-old woman was found on the boat by the river wall and was subsequently rescued by SCDF officers," a spokesman said.

"No injuries were reported and no further police assistance was required."

Stomp understands that the woman was looking for shelter from the rain and climbed into the boat. The police were called by passers-by.

From the Stomper's photo, a residential building can be seen just metres away from the river which prompts the question: Why did she not just run there instead?