Woman shocked by 'most expensive nasi padang I ever had' at Toa Payoh food court

Submitted by Stomper Jaime 

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When a woman saw a food court stall offering nasi padang for $7, she thought it was reasonable enough.

However, Stomper Jaime was shocked to be charged $11.70 for her meal.

She visited Gourmet Paradise at HDB Hub on Friday afternoon (Sept 23), at around 2.28pm.

Jaime told Stomp: "I bought a plate of nasi padang and was shocked to be charged $11.70 for it. The mutton portion was really little, with only five tiny pieces and thick gravy.

"The menu clearly stated that two meat and one vegetable cost only $7 plus. When I asked about the disparity, the staff showed me the receipt and read out to me that mutton is $6."

Jaime added: "No wonder the mutton in the tray was still almost full when I bought it at 2.30pm.

"It's the most expensive nasi padang I have ever had from a food court."