Woman says husband treated her like 'sex slave' and used sex toys on her, files for protection order

A woman filed for a protection order against her businessman husband of more than 20 years, accusing him of being insatiable, and treating her like a ‘sex slave’.

Madam Gao also alleged that throughout the years, her husband used more than 10 different sex toys on her and coerced her into having anal sex. 

The 49-year-old waitress who comes from Indonesia said that she first met her husband in Batam 25 years ago during a carpooling session.

The two started dating and got married in less than six months.

She came over to Singapore and the two had three daughters and a son, age between 14 and 25 years old. 

Madam Gao told Shin Min Daily News that the two of them initially stayed with her husband’s mother, but she later had a dispute with her mother-in-law.

The couple subsequently bought their own house and moved out. 

Said Madam Gao: "Our relationship was quite harmonious.

"Although my husband had some fetishes in the bedroom and liked to use toys to spice up our sex life, I could still put up with it. There were more than 10 sex toys.

"However, in the recent years, the toys he started getting became more elaborate and daring. Just looking at them sends chills down my spine.”

She revealed that her husband would ask for sex every one to two days, and could have up to three orgasms in just one night alone.

Mdm Gao said that at her age, she could no longer cope with his demands, lamenting that she was not a ‘sex slave’.

She added: "However, my husband has quite a temper.

"He can be rough if I reject him. Sometimes, my private parts end up bleeding and I have to go see a doctor. 

"He also asks for anal sex, and each time that happens, I will be in pain for the entire week.”

At the end of her ropes, Madam Gao finally told a counsellor about her husband and filed for a protection order three years ago.

The relationship between Madam Gao and her husband has since deteriorated.

In addition, her mother-in-law had moved in with them five years ago after Madam Gao’s father-in-law died, straining the marriage even further.

She said: "I found that my husband started spending lesser and lesser time at home. Even on the weekends, he wouldn't bring the family out, and always told us that he needed to work.

"His temper also worsened, and he frequently directed his foul mood at me."

Madam Gao said that she and her husband are now living separately, but he had left some of the sex toys behind, including a suspension sling. 

Reporters later contacted Madam Gao’s husband.

The 55-year-old man denied sexually abusing his wife and insisted that whatever happened in the bedroom was a private matter for the couple.

He said his wife had mentioned it during the divorce proceedings, but he does not know why she was defaming him.

Said the man: "In the beginning, she was the one who wanted a divorce and asked to part amicably to find our own happiness.

"Now, she’s suddenly treating me like I’m a criminal."

The man also claimed that his wife once left home for over a year, and did not tell the family what she had been up to.

Even when she was home, she would go to Genting Highlands every month. 

He continued: "I know how to care for my family and look after the children. 

"She should ask herself if I ever betrayed or cheated on her."

He added that he and his wife have been separated for over four years, and there was no chance of a reconciliation.

Despite that, he hopes that she will be able to find happiness.