Thai ex-adult star who divorced millionaire looking for soulmate, candidates to submit bank statements

Kesarin Chaichalermpol, the former adult video actress who made headlines in 2017 after claiming that she was divorcing her millionaire ex-husband because she was afraid of giving him a heart attack during sex, is reportedly looking for a new soulmate.

Now before you go snap up air tickets to Thailand, you might also need to prepare something else: photos of yourself and more importantly, your bank statements.

Kesarin, more commonly known as Nong Nat, said that she was looking to date, but her candidates should be single and financially stable.

The 33-year-old beauty had married her ex-husband Harold Jennings Nesland, 72, in 2012 after quitting the adult film industry. 

Throughout their union, there were rumours accusing her of being a gold digger and only marrying the much older Harold for his money.

Shortly into their marriage, Nong Nat filed for a divorce, saying that she was afraid of giving her then-husband a heart attack when they have sex. 

She also insisted that she is not a gold digger.

According to Nextshark, Nat was quoted saying:

“I never needed Harold to take care of me financially, I’m no gold digger. I’m not desperate.

“He paid for everything but I know he has a lot of expenses of his own in America. So I was understanding and said he could reduce my monthly salary.

“We are still friends and if I ever have a problem, I can call him for help.”

Nong Nat also described her previous relationship as ‘a kid looking after an old man’ and said that this time, she is looking for someone who can fit into her lifestyle. 

She added:

“It took a long time for Harold to agree to the divorce. My family didn’t want me to separate.

“But he understands now. I don’t want him to be tortured either. He’s so old. 

“He needs someone to look after him always and we are in different places. He holds onto the memories we had. But I don’t.”

Nong Nat is currently supporting herself via modelling for photo shoots and brand endorsement. 

With regard to her requirements for a candidate, Nong Nat said:

“I’m single and looking to date. The documents that must be submitted are photographs of your face and full-length pictures, bank statements from the last five years to show you’re financially secure, divorce papers if you were married before and your nationality.”