Woman pushes pram with baby across Paragon carpark -- and nearly gets hit by car

Submitted by Stomper Daniel

A woman's pram, which was carrying a baby, narrowly avoided getting hit by an oncoming car at Paragon Shopping Centre on Sunday (Feb 19).

Stomper Daniel shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred at the shopping mall's carpark at around 10.45am.

In the video, a woman is spotted pushing her pram in between two cars and crossing the road, only to nearly collide with an oncoming white car. The woman can be seen pulling her pram back in time.

Daniel said: "I was shocked."

This incident comes just days after another near-accident, in which a schoolboy was nearly knocked down by a car while cycling across a zebra crossing in Sengkang.

Separately, a pregnant pedestrian was caught on camera earlier this month crossing the road even though the traffic light was not in her favour.