Pregnant woman risks lives by crossing road in Joo Chiat when traffic light not in her favour

Submitted by Stomper ST

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A driver was shocked by the blatant recklessness of a pedestrian who disregarded traffic rules and nearly caused an accident.

Stomper ST shared dashcam footage of the incident that occurred outside Joo Chiat Complex on Wednesday afternoon (Feb 8), at around 2.50pm.

In the video, a pregnant woman can be seen crossing the road even though the traffic light was not in her favour. The Stomper, as well as another red car, had to stop for the expectant mother.

ST said: "This pregnant jaywalker simply couldn't' be bothered about traffic rules! What an irresponsible mother-to-be!

"I am shocked that she doesn't seem to care about the safety of her unborn child. She's also putting other drivers at risk because if we hit her, we are undoubtedly also at fault."