Woman plays victim card, goes MIA after allegedly cheating Carousell user of $818 in hotel scam

Submitted by Stomper A

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Update on Feb 17:

Stomper cheated of $818 in hotel scam: Seller restricted from Carousell amid investigations

Original article:

Police are looking into an incident in which a Carousell user allegedly lost $818 to a hotel scam.

Stomper A had come across a Carousell listing that advertised staycations at five-star hotels from as low as $294 per day, being offered by a woman known as J.

The Stomper decided to book a 3D2N stay for Jan 29 to Jan 30.

He recounted: "The seller's reviews on Carousell made me trust her, so I paid her the full amount of $818 via PayNow. I even asked for a bathtub and she was so sure and reassuring."

A said the woman had even sent him confirmation emails as 'proof' of his booking and requests. She also provided her own contact details and told the Stomper, "Can call or text me anytime. I will standby for you anytime until your stay ends."

A told Stomp: "Turns out it was all empty promises.

"When the day came, I went to check in. However, the hotel said the reservation has not been paid for and the room has no bathtub. I ended up paying for the stay from my own pocket.

"She refused to refund me and went MIA but I could still see her online on Carousell.

"An anonymous male account eventually PayNow-ed me $168 with comments saying it was a partial refund of $818. The woman didn't bother informing me about it and has been MIA since the whole incident."

In screenshots that A shared with Stomp, the woman can be seen giving excuses and being evasive when confronted via WhatsApp. She also apologised, promised a refund and claimed to be a victim too.

The woman is seen saying that "scammed and screw up is different" and "no need to corner me until like this."

She subsequently stopped responding to A's messages. Her Carousell profile is also no longer accessible.

The Stomper said he has reported the matter to the police and Carousell.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirm that a report was lodged and are looking into the matter.

Stomp has contacted Carousell for more info.

More details about hotel reservation scams and crime prevention measures can be found here.

View the full conversation between the Stomper and the woman in the gallery.