Woman outraged by $138 yusheng from award-winning restaurant, compares it with $35 set from Cold Storage

Submitted by Stomper Diana

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A woman paid a pretty penny for yusheng from an award-winning restaurant, but was left feeling underwhelmed and ripped off.

Stomper Diana said the self-pickup order was made directly from Wah Lok Cantonese Restaurant, which is located in Carlton Hotel. The restaurant has won several accolades and has also been featured in the Michelin Guide.

Wah Lok's abalone lo hei set is priced at $138, but Diana explained: "The online pricing is a little more expensive because it's via Carlton Hotel. I ordered directly from Wah Lok and they were having some promotion, so I was charged $124.20 after the discount.

"Now that Chinese New Year is over, here is my review of the lo hei from this award-winning restaurant in Singapore.

"I paid over $100, only to receive 1) an ugly pathetic amount of carrots, 2) pathetic lettuce horribly dumped in the centre, and 3) abalone stacked directly on a packet of dry ice in a cheap plastic box which can burst/leak and become toxic."

The Stomper also took issue with the small portions, adding: "I called the restaurant to feedback that they might have forgotten some ingredients like cucumber. They said this was it. It was correct and enough for four pax.

"I went out to Cold Storage to buy another yusheng set for $35. Look at the difference!"

Asked which set was tastier, Diana told Stomp that she mixed both before trying them and hence "wouldn't be able to tell you which is better".

She also said: "It's my first time ordering from Wah Lok but it's a premium Cantonese restaurant, you can't screw this up basically."