Diner feels ripped off after paying $0.60 more for upsized drink 'filled with ice to the top'

Submitted by Stomper Sam

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A man was left feeling ripped off after paying an extra $0.60 for his upsized sugar cane drink, only to find more ice than juice in it.

Stomper Sam said he visited Kopitiam food court at Yew Tee Square on Jan 8, at around 2pm.

He said: "The juice is $2.50 and to upsize it is $0.60. However, my cup was filled with ice to the top, so you get very little juice for $3.10.

"When I asked the stall, they said less ice will cost more money. This is a rip-off and nothing else.

"Every food court seems to have this practice. You ask them to reduce ice, you have to pay more. We don't know what water is used to make the ice.

"Can the authorities pull up these F&B operators and clamp down on this rip-off practice by food courts in Singapore?"

Asked how much he felt that the beverage he got was worth, Sam told Stomp: "$2."