Woman offering sexual services on Telegram: 'Outside of NTU? You pay for my Grab two-way'

Submitted by Stomper H

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Is she a student at Nanyang Technological University (NTU)? 

A woman offering sexual services on Telegram stated on her rate card: "Outside of NTU? You pay for my Grab two-way."

Stomper H believes "Cheryl" is an NTU student.

"I saw her post selling an iPhone 15 Pro Max in a Telegram chat and I clicked on her profile because I noticed that her top half was half-naked in the profile pic," said the Stomper.

"That was when I saw the posts advertising sexual services."

Under Cheryl's list of sexual services and how much she charged for each, she added: "Meet-ups will be at your room. Top up $20 for NTU room (100% clean and discrete)."

She probably meant "discreet".

To make an appointment with her, you have to go to a Telegram channel called "ntusvc", which has since been changed to something else.

The Stomper shared screenshots of Cheryl's posts in the channel, where she mentioned she needed to study.

"I'm quite disappointed in the lack of self-love and morals in our local university students," said the Stomper.