Woman makes police report over 'unsatisfactory' paint job, rejects company's offer to 'touch up'

Submitted by Stomper L

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She wants a refund, not a touch-up.

A woman has made a police report after a company refused to give her a refund over an "unsatisfactory" paint job.

The company, Knoc Knoc, offered to do a "touch-up" for Stomper L, but she refused.

She had paid a total of $1,043 to Knoc Knoc on Feb 21.

"I engaged this company I saw on Instagram with good reviews to paint our four-room flat," recounted the Stomper.

"On the day itself, three Bangladeshi men came at 9am as promised, not dressed like how it was posted on Instagram. They didn't look like professional painters. One was clad in a towel to paint my home. At 2pm, only two rooms were halfway done and badly painted.

"The painters left at 6pm, leaving behind a mess and paint all over the place without cleaning up.

"I contacted the company. They were irresponsible and didn't even come down to do a site visit. The WhatsApp messages and interaction via Instagram were very rude and they didn't want to acknowledge my request for a refund since they did not complete the job. They offered to come another day for a so-called 'touch-up'.

"What was there to touch up when my living room and another room were not painted at all? The two other rooms were badly done. What made them think they could do a good job the second time around? A police report and a Case (Consumers Association of Singapore) report have been submitted."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed that a report was lodged.

When contacted by Stomp, a Knoc Knoc spokesman said that the company was engaged by the Stomper in February to paint her home on April 16.

"On April 16, we deployed our cats for the painting of her house, but half of our teams were down with Covid," recounted the spokesman who referred to the company's staff as "cats".

"After 4pm, we asked if we could send our cats down on the next available date to complete the painting, but she refused and said, 'Sorry, I don’t wish to proceed and it’s very disappointing'. When we explained to her that our cats were down with Covid, she replied, 'I expect the job to be completed within the timeline given'.

"She called me personally at 5pm and she started bawling, incoherently repeating that she was a single mum and she has to bake for Hari Raya and our painting had to finish that day at all costs no matter what, without taking into consideration of others' well-being. I reassured her that we would go on the next available date to finish the painting."

Hari Raya Puasa was on April 22.

The spokesman continued: "On April 17, 18 and 19, my team of cats contacted her to arrange for the touch-up before Hari Raya and she said we were too much to make her wait like a beggar. Our teams had just recovered from Covid and we were trying our best to arrange our cats in her best interest.

"On April 20, my team of cats asked the customer if we could do the touch-up on April 21 and she threatened to make a police report and refused our touch-up.

"On April 21, the customer replied on WhatsApp that she is no longer interested in us doing a touch-up and would make a police report and Case report against us. Despite this, my team had messaged her weekly and the customer refused profusely our goodwill and efforts.

"On May 4, our customer service messaged the customer to continue in an effort to do a touch-up and she replied, 'Your unfinished painting job was unsatisfactory. What makes you think you will do a good job the second time?'

"Despite this, we reassured her our cats team have recovered and we have completed the touch-up for other customers and she refused to reply."

The company added: "As a one-stop service for women and made by women, Knoc Knoc strives to be the market leader in providing the best-curated services to every household. We provide home services like painting, electrical, plumbing, carpentry, mani/pedi, eyelashes, massages, meridian, helper services to take care of children and elderly parents, confinement nanny for new mummies, pre- and post-natal care and many more services."