Woman makes police report after paying Carousell seller $220 for LV bag that turned out to be fake

Submitted by Stomper Fatimah

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A woman has lodged a police report after discovering that a Louis Vuitton (LV) handbag she bought from a Carousell seller is fake.

Stomper Fatimah shared that she reached out to the seller named alizeh05187774 on Dec 21 regarding a listing for an LV Neverfull GM bag going for $240.

She thought it was a steal and managed to get the seller to sell it to her for $220.

She said the seller claimed the bag was authentic and told her that the method of receiving the item was via delivery only.

"At this point, it sounded legit until I got the bag," the Stomper said.

"It looked fishy to me so I went to authenticate it at a luxury goods shop and was told it was a fake."

When she confronted the seller on the authenticity of the handbag and demanded a refund, the seller stopped replying.

Fatimah then WhatsApp messaged the number the seller provided for the PayNow transfer but the recipient kept saying he didn't know her.

"Please help make this person famous, please," she said.

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed a report had been lodged.

Click through the gallery above for more screenshots of the correspondence between seller and buyer.