Woman looking for long-lost aunt who was given away at young age

A woman is looking for her long-lost aunt who was given away at a young age and currently 49 years old.

In a post on March 7, Facebook user Tan Cheng Hwee said that she has always felt a need to locate her aunt, who is her mother's youngest sister.

The aunt, a fraternal twin, was born in Kandang Kerbau Hospital (now known as KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital) on Feb 25, 1970.

Ms Tan said in her post: "Their father’s name was Tan Song Teo 陳松潮 (b. 1932), and mother’s name was Ng Siew Lan 黄秀蘭 (b. 1938)."

(Tan's grandparents, Tan Song Teo and Ng Siew Lan)

When contacted by Stomp, Ms Tan said: "I was told that my grandparents gave away two daughters as they were very poor.

"Our family reunited with one daughter when she was a teenager and now I'm looking for the other."

There are eight siblings in total, including Ms Tan's mother.

(Ms Tan's mother with Ms Tan's uncle, who is a twin to Ms Tan's missing aunt)

Ms Tan, who does not have a photo of her aunt, added in her post: "Anyone with the slightest clue on what I can do, please let me know. I’d greatly appreciate it. Thank you!"

If you have any information regarding Ms Tan's aunt, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@stomp.com.sg or WhatsApp (+65) 9384 3761.