Family looking for brother who was given away days after his birth 54 years ago

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Stomper Hazel Ngoh and her siblings are looking for their brother, Hawkin Ngoh Tong Soo, who was given away 54 years ago.

The Ngoh family does not have a picture of Hawkin, however, Hazel's older sister says he looks like one of their brothers, Hector.

Hector Ngoh (right) (circled)

Hector Ngoh (left), when he was about 13 years old

Hawkin was born on Oct 23, 1964, to parents Mr Ngoh Chin Seah and Ms Rosie Yap, who stayed at 31 Lorong 31 Geylang Road.

Wedding photo of Ms Rosie Yap (left) and Mr Ngoh Chin Seah (right)

The Ngoh's had six other children at that time.

The family was struggling financially and were close friends with an elderly Malay couple, who could not conceive and were eager to adopt.

Hawkin was given away a few days after his birth, most likely on Oct 29, 1964, to Mr Hashim Bin Ismail and his wife, who stayed at 6A Jalan Ubi.

According to Hazel's older sister, Mr Hashim and his family moved away without informing the Ngohs.

Mr Ngoh was upset that he could not track them down after.

Stomper Hazel, who was born four years after Hawkin, said: "I understand from my older siblings that my mother was very sad after giving Hawkin away.

"When she gave birth to me and my two younger siblings, she did not have the heart to give us away too."

Hazel's mother passed away when she was six years old in 1974.

Her father passed away 20 years ago in 1998.

The Ngoh siblings always had the intention of looking for Hawkin, but did not know who to contact.

In April this year, Hazel came across Facebook page Singapore Adoption.

She contacted them and told them that she was trying to find Hawkin.

On April 27, Singapore Adoption posted pictures of the Ngoh family on Facebook, appealing for more information.

Hazel shared with Stomp: "My family and I want to make it known that Hawkin comes from a large Peranakan family.

"He has nine other siblings and I hope that he is not bitter about being given away.

"We would like to meet him and explain to him, as best as we can, why he was given away."

If you have any information on Hawkin Ngoh, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp 9384 3761.