Woman looking for cockatiel that flew away in Woodlands: 'My chest hurts, I can't eat nor sleep'

Submitted by Stomper Sheryl

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A woman is appealing for help in locating her baby cockatiel that has been missing ever since it flew away from home on Jan 1.

The pet parrot, named Sundae, flew out of the window at Block 301 Woodlands Street 31. It is only slightly over two months old and is still on baby formula.

Stomper Sheryl is offering a cash reward for Sundae's safe return, but declined to reveal the exact amount after having received prank calls.

She said: "My baby is only a little more than two months old. She somehow opened the cage herself and in an attempt to fly to me, she few out the window instead.

"I have been searching high and low for her, and I have the feeling that someone has her because she's a very tame little baby and extremely playful too.

"If you have found her, please return her to me. I won't ask any questions.

"Please share this with your elderly friends, parents and relatives in case they don't know how to use social media and didn't see my posters plastered everywhere. I even informed the town council to please not remove my posters."

The Stomper noted that Sundae might look different from photos as she is "still a growing baby".

She added: "Please reach out with any information of cockatiels you have found the past few days.

"Please guys, please help my baby and I to reunite. I really miss her so much that my chest is hurting. I cannot eat nor sleep."

If you have any info about Sundae, kindly contact Stomp at stomp@sph.com.sg or WhatsApp us at 9384 3761.