Couple offering $5k reward for parrot that might have been taken by 'bald uncle with big tummy'

Submitted by Stomper Xue Wen

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A couple is offering a $5,000 reward for the safe return of their pet cockatiel, which has been missing for almost a year.

Stomper Xue Wen and her husband have raised the parrot, named Cookie, since he was five weeks old.

Cookie flew away from home at Block 169C Punggol Field on Feb 15, 2023, at around 10.50am.

To date, the bird remains lost despite numerous appeals, posters and offers of a reward.

Xue Wen said: "When my husband went out to throw rubbish, Cookie flew out from a small gap in the main door from behind my husband.

"We have raised Cookie since he was a baby at five weeks old and needed to be hand-fed with bird formula. He was two years old when he got lost.

"We have been looking for Cookie by pasting posters ($2,000 reward) at lift lobbies and distributing posters to units but till now, we still haven't found him.

"We also engaged animal communicators and all of them said Cookie was found by someone and kept indoors.

"One of the animal communicators said the person is an uncle with a big tummy, a little bald, and staying in an old HDB flat.

"We increased the reward to $5,000 about two weeks ago and have been continuing to paste posters at lift lobbies in Punggol. We don't know if the uncle saw our posters or not.

"We hope with Stomp's help, the uncle will see this and contact us to return Cookie. We will reward him with the $5,000 and his identity will be kept anonymous."

If you have any info about Cookie, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp us at 9384 3761.

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