Woman knees man in crotch after he allegedly rubbed his privates against her on bus

A Chinese man learned his lesson the hard way when he got kneed in his groin after allegedly rubbing his privates against a female passenger on a bus. 

The incident happened on Luoyang, Henan province in China, reports Shanghaiist.

A video of the incident was uploaded online.

In the recorded footage, the man was seen getting up from his seat.

He inched closer to the woman, who was sitting alone, apparently preoccupied with her phone. 

The man then proceeded to do the unthinkable: Blatantly rubbing his crotch against the woman’s leg. 

The woman responded aptly by kneeing him in the groin and calling the police. 

Officers soon arrived and the man was arrested. 

He was reportedly held for five days. 

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