Resident annoyed by 'forest' growing out of Senja Road block, keeps having to sweep fallen leaves

Submitted by Stomper S

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Is a mini jungle sprouting out of Block 607 Senja Road in Bukit Panjang?

Stomper S, who lives on a lower floor, is annoyed by overgrown plants along several corridors of the block.

He shared photos of the greenery and what the exterior of the block looks like from downstairs:

S, who has provided feedback to the town council, said: "One high floor resembles a forest.

"I can't say for certain how long this has been going on, but it only raised my eyebrows lately because now I always need to clean up their fallen leaves on my level!

"During heavy rain and strong winds, residents walking on the pavement below risk falling pots and plants. They also risk getting themselves wet, when the owner waters the plants that are hovering outside.

"The situation persists even though I have alerted the town council."

In response to a Stomp query, Holland-Bukit Panjang Town Council said it was alerted to the case in December 2022.

A spokesman told Stomp on Thursday (Jan 11): "Our property team has served an advisory to the specific unit. Following which, we have also managed to establish contact with the said residents, and they have agreed to trim and tend to the overgrown plants by next week.

"Nonetheless, the town council will be stepping up inspection efforts and collaboratively work with residents of the block to address the situation.

"Furthermore, public education messages are strategically placed in the lifts, digital display panels (DDPs) at the lift lobbies, and on the town council's social media platforms to promptly remind residents on proper housekeeping at the common areas.

"We would like to enlist residents’ help to maintain a safe living environment for all."

The town council will continue to monitor the situation closely, added the spokesman.

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