Bystanders shout as van driver hits car and drives away: Police investigating

Submitted by Stomper Haz

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The police are investigating a hit-and-run incident that happened at a multi-storey carpark at 888 Plaza in Woodlands on Feb 18.

Stomper Haz shared with Stomp footage of a van hitting his car at about 3.13pm that day.

In the footage, a woman shouts as the van driver hits Haz's car with his van before gesturing at him.

Two more men shout as the van reverses, presumably to stop him from hitting another vehicle.

The van driver then pauses before exiting the carpark without even stopping to leave a note.

Haz shared with Stomp photos of scratches on the front of his car and damage to his right bumper.

He has since made a police report and said" I want the driver to make a report, if not I cannot claim from my end."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.