Woman gives birth in Grab car while on the way to hospital, hails driver and husband as heroes

A woman who was expecting a National Day baby welcomed her child early in the most unexpected of places: A Grab car.

In a Facebook post, Ms Kamal Wani shared "the positive all natural birth story" of her baby, who was born at 7.03pm on Aug 7.

It all started when Wani experienced "sporadic contractions that were slowly getting frequent and stronger" and was therefore told to head to Thomson Medical Centre (TCM) that afternoon.

Although she initially wanted to go through labour at home, Wani said she could no longer bear with the pain and told her husband to book a Grab ride to TCM at around 5pm.

She wrote in her post on Friday (Aug 9): "I tried to control my body, the contractions and every other pain that comes along.

"After all, I was in a car, with another stranger. I tried to maintain my calmness.

"And then, my body decided to go into ACTIVE LABOUR."

The couple were not even halfway to the hospital yet.

"I moaned in pain like an angry ogre that missed its dinner," said Wani, who "kept pushing" until her water broke and she conceived her baby.

Recounting "how the most amazing and beautiful thing happened", Wani added: "I call this fatherly instinct; the moment I pushed and before our baby could drop onto the leg space in between the front and back seat, my husband caught our baby and received her in his arms."

Wani's husband also "asked the driver to roll down the window and directed the heavy traffic to make space for us."

According to Wani, the car resembled "a horrific mass murder scene" after the birth of her baby, which made the couple feel guilty and apologetic towards the driver.

However, the driver remained kind and calm despite everything.

"He sent us safely to TMC and ensured us it was all right and told us to settle our baby first," wrote Wani.

"I would say, my husband is baby Mia’s hero and our Grab driver is our hero for still being tolerant, patient and service-oriented."

Wani also paid tribute to her husband and the Grab driver in her Facebook post, which has since gone viral with over 4,500 shares and 4,200 likes

"Dear husband, thank you for always being there; through my false labour, early labour and transition period. Thank you for being so tolerant towards me. Over the decade, we have created so many wonderful memories. I am glad that we created another one on 7-8-19. We will share this memory with everyone that matters, and continue to make more beautiful memories throughout our lives.

"To our grab driver: Mr Chia Shang Heng,
We can’t thank you enough for being so understanding, kind and tolerant towards us. We apologise for the mess made to your car, the business loss for not having a clean car to drive, and the terrible drama scene you had to deal with while driving. We hope your positive dispositions inspire others to be like you. Thank you once again for being our heroic driver."

Stomp has conatcted Grab for comment.

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