GrabCar driver picks up 2 passengers but drops off 3 -- after woman gives birth in his car

When GrabCar driver Alvin Riar received a pickup request from a couple heading to National University Hospital (NUH) with the note, "pregnant wife in labour", he could not have imagined that they would become parents to a baby boy in the backseat of his Nissan Latio.

Alvin shared the "magical" experience on his Facebook page and how he was a "small part in one of life's blessings, the gift of life".

Alvin picked up Musaddiq and Liyana on Aug 12 and noticed that Liyana was in some discomfort when he picked them up, so he pulled the front passenger seat forward to give her more space.

The couple requested for classical music to help Liyana relax and Alvin complied.

He was amazed at how calm Musaddiq was in the birthing process:

"Throughout the journey, Mr Musaddiq was able to hold conversations with me about life to probably keep me calm as he could sense my nervousness at the situation, as well as speak to his wife and pray with her to relax her, and lastly and most importantly, assist single-handedly, in the birth of his newborn son."

Despite what was happening in the back seat, Musaddiq told Alvin to drive as he usually would and to drive safely.

Alvin described him "as cool as a cucumber".

He was stunned when he heard a baby's cries while they were on the Ayer Rajah Expressway (AYE).

"I'll never forget Mr Musaddiq telling me with the biggest smile on his face, 'It's a healthy baby boy, bro'," he recalled.

When they reached the emergency unit at NUH, a doctor rushed to assist Liyana and her newborn son into the hospital from the car.

He ended his post congratulating the parents and said, "It was a blessing to be there to assist in such an amazing moment for the both of you!".

He ended his post reminding Grab Singapore to pay the baby the visit.