Woman gets slapped, men fight over 'family problems' and hurl vulgarities at residents in Yishun

Submitted by Stomper E

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The police are investigating a fight that broke out in Yishun during the wee hours of Sunday (July 2).

Stomper E shared a video of the incident that occurred at the open-air carpark of Block 133 Yishun Street 11 at around 5.10am.

Based on the video, the physical altercation seemed to mainly involve two men, though a woman appeared to be at the heart of the conflict. Three other men were also present at the scene.

The two men, one of whom is topless, can be heard hurling vulgarities and are seen exchanging blows, as the woman screams. She is also heard addressing someone as "sayang" multiple times.

Residents of the block apparently express their upset at the commotion, but the topless man shouts back, "Your mother lah dey!" and "Come, I show you my c***." He then yells, "Same father, same mother, family problem," followed by a Hokkien vulgarity.

The man he had been fighting with also lashes out at residents by repeatedly shouting, "F*** your mother lah!" and telling them to "Go!"

He then slaps the woman.

E told Stomp: "They were saying something about family problems.

"This went on for around 20 minutes. Neighbours warned them that they would call the police if they continued fighting, then they left."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirm that a report was lodged and investigations are ongoing.