Hornbills take shelter from the rain on Seletar resident's balcony

Submitted by Stomper Cindy

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A Seletar resident was delighted to see a pair of hornbills taking shelter from the rain on her balcony on Sunday (Jan 2).

Sharing photos of the beautiful birds, Stomper Cindy said her estate is quite the sanctuary for our winged friends.

Cindy told Stomp: "Hornbills are not an unusual sight in my estate. I have had quite a number of sightings from my place in the Seletar area.

"During the heavy rain on Sunday, this pair flew to my balcony to take shelter. When there is no rain, they will usually fly up to my roof terrace to take a break.

"The Seletar area is actually a bird sanctuary, where we will usually see birds such as hornbills and other exquisite species.

"Waking up to hear different types of birds chirping is bliss for me. I have been staying here for the past six years and I will know which types of birds are nearby just by hearing them.

"I wish to share these photos with the public and hope everyone starts 2022 with a blissful year ahead."