Depressed woman seeking dad who left family when she was 1: 'I felt incomplete and was bullied for it'

Submitted by Stomper Shan Shan, Quinn

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A woman is appealing for help in locating her long-lost father, who left her family when she was around one year old.

Her father, Mr Toh Sze Boon, was born in July 1964 and is currently 59 years old.

Stomp was first alerted to the case by Stomper Shan Shan, who shared an anonymous post on Facebook made by the woman's friend.

The post said: "My best friend seems so depressed and adamant to find her long lost father, I can't stand by and watch her sink into sadness (sic).

"I hope everyone can share this and some acquaintance can connect her back with her father. She has been separated from her dad since she was a kid after her parents divorced."

Stomp got in touch with the woman, named Quinn, who provided more details about her predicament.

Quinn, who is currently 35, said: "I was too young to recall any deep memories about my father as he left the family when I was turning one year old.

"My mother didn't share very specific details when I asked why he left us, she only mentioned that he beat her and stole her money, which he gambled away."

Quinn told Stomp that she does not have any photos of her father as her mother had thrown them away when she was young.

She added: "I want to look for him because having being brought up by my mother, I have not had a fatherly figure with me all these years.

"I have always felt incomplete and was bullied all the time, being looked down on as I do not have a complete functional family. My mother's mental health condition has not been very well ever since my dad left too.

"As I age, the more I yearn to find my father and the stronger my thoughts of him get.

"There is so much unknown and I want to get answers from him and also find out how he is doing now, where he is, if he is healthy and so on."

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