Man seeking reunion with his classmates and teacher from Guillemard Road English School in 1973

Submitted by Stomper Liew Eng

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It has been 50 years, but Stomper Liew Eng still fondly remembers his classmates and form teacher from the now-defunct Guillemard Road English School (GRES).

He even still has photographs of the wonderful times that they had together, which he shared with Stomp.

Liew Eng, who is now 62, hopes to reconnect with his long-lost peers and teacher from his Primary 6 class of 1973.

He said: "This year is the 50th anniversary of my Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE).

"I wish to look for and reconnect with my long-lost classmates who graduated from GRES in 1973. The now defunct school was located at 23 Guillemard Crescent.

"We were from class 6A and our form teacher was the respectable and kind Miss Hong who drove a dark green Volkswagen Beetle. I hope that she will also get to read this article and come to meet up with us as well.

Miss Hong

"Back then, it was popular for PSLE pupils to obtain an autograph book from the bookstore and get our classmates to pen a few lines on it during the final days at school.

"I still remember vividly that someone wrote in my autograph book:

North, South, East West;
You are the Best;
But I say Friendship is the Best.

"Haha! Such was the simplicity and naivety of mainly kampung-dwelling kids back then.

"Unfortunately, I lost my precious autograph book in the early 80s when I went for my studies overseas.

"I've tried recalling my classmates' names but can only remember friends like Joo Kiong, See Leong, Puay Long, Swee Huat, and of course, our school beauties (校花) On Nah and Ying Leng.

"I've also tried seeking the MOE Heritage Centre's help for a full name list of class 6A (1973) but to no avail.

"Here are some black-and-white photographs of my form teacher and classmates taken in school compounds and during school excursions to Mandai Zoo and Mount Faber."

Liew Eng's classmates (Class 6A, 1973)

Liew Eng's classmates walking along the school corridor

A school excursion to Mandai Zoo

Some female classmates

Liew Eng added: "I sincerely hope that Stomp can assist me in finding them so that we can reconnect, have a great reunion and celebrate our PSLE's 50th anniversary. Thank you."

If you can help or have any info, kindly contact Stomp at or WhatsApp us at 9384 3761.