Woman bruised after 'unapologetic' bus commuter accidentally hits her in the face with bag

Submitted by Stomper S

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A woman sustained redness and a bruise on her cheek after a fellow bus commuter hit her in the face with his bag.

Stomper S said the incident happened on bus service 106 towards Bukit Batok Bus Interchange on Monday (Aug 14), at around 5.50pm.

Not only was the man unapologetic after hitting her face, he also glared at her, said S.

The Stomper recounted: "I was sitting on the aisle seat and this man came to me and wanted the window seat. I gave way to allow him to move in, but he hit me hard in the face with his bag when he was moving in.

"I told him that he hit me but instead of apologising, he gave me a glare and ignored me.

"The impact was very painful such that it let a bruise on my face, but the man did not seem unapologetic at all."

S shared a photo showing redness and a bruise on her right cheek.

She told Stomp on Wedesday morning that the redness has subsided, but her cheek bone "is still a little painful".

"A point of advice to all readers, please be careful of this rude person if you ever encounter him," S added.