Will you pay $3,500 for this wagyu beef bento from Japanese delivery service?

How does 4.5kg of premium cuts of beef from in a bento delivered to you sound?

Pretty cool and you might already be salivating over the thought of it -- but it comes with a hefty price tag of $3,516.17.

According to Soranews24, the beef comes from Tottori Prefecture, whose wagyu beef has been rated as the highest quality beef in Japan by the Wagyu Registry Association.

Meat such as prime rib, tenderloin, brisket, and chuck tender are served on top of Kinu Musume rice, also from the same region.

They are placed in an authentic wooden bento box that displays the cuts in compartments designed to resemble a cow, reports The Straits Times.

Want some condiments to complement your meal? Check out the fresh wasabi root that you can grate and the dipping sauce made from pears, all grown in Tottori too.

Available only in Japan, the indulgent meal is being offered by bento delivery service Gochikuru until March 31 and requires two weeks of advanced notice.