Good job! Drivers slow down to let monitor lizard cross at Ghim Moh Rd

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Heading to Ghim Moh Road? Do keep a lookout for monitor lizards on the road.

This was the situation some motorists faced at Ghim Moh Road at 12.30pm today (April 11).

In a video sent to Stomp by Stomper Faith, a monitor lizard is seen on the road near a carpark at that location.

The clip shows the monitor lizard slowly heading across the road.

The sound of a passing taxi's horn sends it scrambling further towards the other side of the road, where more vehicles slow down to let it pass.

However, as a lorry comes close to running over its tail, it dashes towards the pavement.

It makes it across and slinks away into the grass patch.

"All drivers from both directions could spot it and slowed down for it to cross the road," said Faith. 

"It went into the green field across the road."