UberEATS delivery couple riding e-scooter at Bedok South is an accident waiting to happen

Submitted by Stomper Michelle

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Stomper Michelle was concerned to see a couple, who were apparently delivering food for UberEATS, sharing an electronic scooter along Bedok South Avenue 1.

With their UberEATS delivery box taking up most of the space on the scooter, they were left with just a small area to stand on.

Michelle feels that there should be stricter guidelines and measures on the use of e-scooters.

The Stomper, who took a video of the couple, said:

"I came across this UberEATS delivery while on commute along Bedok South Avenue 1, going southbound on Laguna Flyover connecting to East Coast Park.

"The couple was sharing the electric scooter with the big UberEats delivery box and charging along the flyover connecting to the highway.

"There was literally no space for any mistakes in manoeuvring or a misstep by either of them, with what little space they have on the scooter platform.

"At the speed that they were travelling at, I worry about the dangers for other delivery persons like them and other road users out there.

"An electric scooter is by no means similar to a normal scooter bike. 

"There needs to be stricter guidelines and measures to prevent such dangerous commuting that not only endangers their lives, but also that of others.

"For sure I do not know what their situation is like and hence, I do not wish to expose who they are. But rather, I would like for everyone to reconsider if putting ourselves and others at such risk is really worth it when after all, we all only have one life.

"Also, I hope that with the increasing reports of accidents involving electric scooters and its rising popularity as the preferred choice of commute, the relevant companies (e.g. Uber and UberEATS) and LTA can look into such situations to prevent them from becoming a norm."

Watch the video, edited by the Stomper, below.