'We heard a speeding car, screeching and loud bang': Audi crashes through railing at Yishun junction

Submitted by Stomper Suzana

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An Audi crashed through a median railing and nearly hit a family in another car at a Yishun junction on Friday night (Oct 7).

Police said the Audi is believed to have skidded.

Stomper Suzana was in the car that was almost hit by the Audi.

She recounted "There were three of us in the car. My husband was driving. I was in the front seat and my daughter was sitting at the back.

"We stopped for a red light at the junction of Yishun Avenue 2 going towards Canberra MRT station.

"Suddenly, we heard the sound of a speeding car, followed by screeching and a loud bang. We thought two cars collided on the opposite side of the road.

"That was when we saw the white Audi crashing the railing and going over the road divider before it came to a stop in the centre lane two car-lengths behind us.

"I was quite shocked because had we been in that spot or we were 10 seconds late, we would have been hit.

"I saw the young male driver getting out of the car before we moved off."

The Stomper shared a photo that shows the damaged Audi after it crashed through the railing. The glistening road appeared to be wet from rain.

In response to a Stomp query, police said they were alerted at 11.17pm to an accident involving a car which was believed to have self-skidded at the junction of Yishun Avenue 2 and Yishun Avenue 7.

No injuries were reported and police investigations are ongoing.