Water pours from top of Holland Village shophouse under renovation like it's raining

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Perhaps it was a free shower for a hot day.

A man was shocked to see water pouring down like rain from the roof of a Holland Village shophouse under renovation.

A Stomper shared a video of the incident on June 3.

"I was passing by and saw this shocking scene at a Holland Village shophouse," said the Stomper.

"Before I took the video, I saw someone hit by the water. It was irresponsible of the contractor to be letting water pour out of the building from above onto the common walkway affecting passers-by in broad daylight."

In the video, a woman in a long black dress and a white hard hat can be seen coming out of the unit and looking at the impromptu waterfall before going back inside.

A sign on the hoarding of the shophouse said that a business called Kelly Oriental Aesthetic Clinic was opening there.

Stomp has contacted Kelly Oriental, which also owns a shop two units away, for more info.