Nurse shares her $200 Cost-of-Living payout, does art therapy with St Luke's ElderCare seniors

Submitted by Stomper Audrey

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Her good deeds even caught the attention of the Deputy Prime Minister.

Last year, she used her $100 Community Development Council (CDC) vouchers to buy 70 pieces of bread to donate to St Luke's ElderCare.

This month, Emily Yap was at it again, according to her proud mother, Stomper Audrey.

"Emily shared her June Cost-of-Living special payout ($200) by blessing the elders at St Luke’s with delicious soft buns and doing art therapy with them," said the Stomper.

"She is a registered nurse at Alexandra Hospital who despite her hectic work schedule still volunteers in the community."

During Chinese New Year, Emily rallied her family, friends and neighbours to help distribute 100 festive care packs to the elderly and families in need.

Emily, 24, also founded the Dunearn Youth group, which volunteers for various causes, such as delivering food to the underprivileged during the Covid-19 period, and running recycling and upcycling workshops.

Her spirit was highlighted by Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong in his Budget speech in February.

Mr Wong said: "We are a people with an indomitable and never-say-die spirit. We are quick in adapting and responding to changes in the world. We believe in stretching ourselves, pursuing excellence, and striving to do better.

"And we strive, not just for ourselves and our families, but also for those around us. Because we are also a caring, gracious, and generous people – we treat each other as equals, we respect and look out for one another, and we are ever ready to extend a helping hand to those in need.

"We see this spirit in Singaporeans like Ms Emily Yap, who is a registered nurse at Alexandra Hospital. Emily has been hard at work at the Covid frontlines.

"Despite this heavy workload, she still volunteers on her off-days to care for the wider community. She draws inspiration from her grandmother who also worked as a nurse her whole life.

"Emily started a ground-up initiative with other like-minded young people. During the pandemic, she and her fellow volunteers helped to deliver grocery packs to the elderly and lower-income families in the community.

"She also used her CDC vouchers, not for herself, but to buy kueh bangkit from her neighbourhood bakery and share them with vulnerable families over the Lunar New Year."

Her mother shared on Facebook in 2021: "Dear Emily, you are one of the many blessings in my life. Not just to me, but to everyone around.

"When you first told us that you wanted to follow your grandmother's footsteps and be a nurse, we were not surprised. Your kind and gentle self, coupled with your passion to care for others, makes nursing a perfect fit for you.

"You have stayed true to your purpose of joining nursing: to care for others and serve the nation. On days that you are not working in the ward, you are often volunteering in the community to go above and beyond your calling as a nurse. From delivering care packs to lower-income families to conducting sports therapy and art therapy online sessions for the elderly, your compassion and empathy transcend beyond the hospital walls.

"Thank you for always giving your best, and doing your part for the nation. I am also immensely grateful to the rest of your healthcare colleagues who are at the forefront of today’s battle against the virus… we are with you."