Volkswagon driver has the cheek to rage after 'inserting himself' in front of car

A Volkswagon driver entered a motorist's lane after filtering out of a side road and proceeded to make aggressive gestures at the latter.

According to the time-stamp on a video posted by ROADS.sg, the incident occurred at around 1.50pm on Sunday (March 10).

A caption accompanying the Facebook video said that the Volkswagon driver had "inserted himself out from the side road," then opened his car door and "scolded [f*** off] at the top of his voice."

While the video has no audio, the Volkswagon driver can be seen making various hand gestures at the motorist whose lane he had entered.

A handful of sceptical netizens asked for a video with sound as they believed the motorist might have provoked the Volkswagen driver by honking.

However, others felt that it did not matter what the motorist did as what the Volkswagen is seen doing in the video is already 'wrong.'

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