Videos and photos: Pulau Busing oil storage tank fire extinguished after "massive" 6-hour operation by SCDF

Submitted by Stomper Mzul, Razz, Joe, SQ, LKS, Alan, HMK, Sky

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A fire involving an oil storage tank on Pulau Busing was finally extinguished after six hours of "intense firefighting operations" by the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF).

There were no reported casualties.

The SCDF had described the incident as a "massive operation" involving 128 personnel and 31 firefighting and support vehicles.

In a final update at 1.39am, the SCDF said that they were supported by the Police Coast Guard, Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore, Republic of Singapore Navy and National Environment Agency.

Minister of Home Affairs and Minister of Law, Mr K Shanmugam, was on the island for a first-hand account of the firefighting operations and to meet up with the SCDF Emergency Responders.

Stompers Mzul and Razz first alerted Stomp to the fire yesterday at around 5.45pm.

"I saw a bolt of lightning strike a tank, setting it on fire," he said.

It is unclear if this is what started the fire.

Stompers Joe, SQ, LKS, Alan, HMK and Sky also shared photos and a video of the fire where thick plumes of smoke could be seen rising into the air from a distance.

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