Huge vegetation fire the size of 4 football fields rages on at Jurong Island

Submitted by Stomper Mohamad

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A huge vegetation fire which was described to be the size of four football fields occurred on Jurong Island yesterday at around 2.40pm. (Feb 13).

Stomper Mohamad came across the blaze later that day at 8pm, when he was driving along Banyan Road.

In a video he sent to Stomp, Mohamad can be heard saying, "Alamak" as he watched the fire from his car window.

The Singapore Civil Defence told Stomp in response to media queries that they were first alerted to the fire at 2.40pm along Meranti Avenue.

SCDF told Stomp that upon their arrival, there were "intermittent pockets of vegetation" on fire in an area measuring about four football fields.

The fire was later extinguished.

The cause of the fire is being investigated.

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