Video of woman getting arrested for swimming in pool happened at Spanish hotel, not Tanglin condo

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Footage of a woman being dragged out of a swimming pool and getting arrested happened at a hotel in Spain and not at a condominium along Tanglin Road in Singapore.

A Stomper alerted Stomp to the video circulating on social media with ""Ridley Park Condo at Tanglin Road" ​​captioned on it.

According to Daily Mail, the incident happened at a hotel on Spanish island Tenerife.

In the video, she is seen backstroking around the pool before a man, believed to be a police officer, jumps into the pool to drag her out.

Another officer waits at the side of the pool to restrain her.

Other guests are heard cheering the officers on and one voice says, "she deserves that".

She was subsequently arrested for violating the hotel's quarantine rules.