Video of mum scolding salon staff for charging boy $12 for $10 haircut 'taken out of context': QQ House

Is $2 a small matter?

QQ House said that the video of a woman shouting at its staff for allegedly charging her young son $12 for a $10 haircut was "taken out of context".

Posted by a TikTok user named Jonas.2470, the video was shared by Singapore Incidents on Thursday (Aug 24) with the caption: "Advertise $10 but demand $12 from a kid."

A woman in black with a boy can be seen in front of QQ Premium Hair Cut & Salon in a Bukit Timah shopping centre speaking angrily to a male and a female staff members, who tried to placate her.

At one point, the mother said: "I'm just surprised that you tricked a kid for $2."

On Saturday, QQ House posted on its Facebook page: "We are aware of a video that has been circulating on social media recently regarding an altercation involving a member of the public and one of our staff at our Coronation Plaza outlet.

"Let us first apologise for the delayed response to this incident, which took place on Wednesday. Our company takes this incident very seriously, and having spent the past two days reviewing our CCTV footage, as well as speaking to the staff involved, here is a brief rundown of the events that transpired.

"At 3:45pm on the Aug 23, the customer, a young boy, came to our outlet looking for a haircut. He was assisted by our staff, a senior hair stylist, who assessed that his hair was long and therefore informed him that he would require a $12 ticket. The customer was agreeable to this and the haircut went without issue.

"At about 4:45pm, the customer’s mother returned to our outlet, clearly very upset. She raised her voice towards our staff and, according to them, pointed out that her son was only charged $10 on their previous visits to our outlet.

"She also mentioned that her son’s hair was still not short enough. While there was a significant language barrier between our staff and the customer’s mother, he did try to calm things down, pointing out that our prices were based on a customer’s hair length. He also proceeded to further shorten the customer’s hair, as was requested. This was done without any additional charges.

"Having tried to present the sequence of events as objectively as possible, we would now like to clarify a few things.

"First, our outlet offers quick cut services, but at different price points. The prices are determined by the customer’s hair length and desired hairstyle which is a common practice across many salons. The different price points are clearly listed on a poster located right beside the ticketing machine.

"Moreover, prices are determined pre-haircut such that if a customer is unhappy with the price quoted, they can choose not to have their haircut with us.

"With this in mind, the caption of the video that was brought to our attention which suggested that our company was dishonest in our handling of the matter is inaccurate and false. The 19-second video, which failed to capture the entirety of the matter, was clearly taken out of context.

"Nonetheless, our company acknowledges that further improvements can be made with regard to our pricing list. We will thus be looking at possible changes that can be made so that similar misunderstandings would not arise in the future. We sincerely apologise for this unfortunate incident and we hope that we have clarified matters through this post."