UOB visits, apologises to woman who kept getting debt collector's letters after debtor moved out

Submitted by Stomper Ng

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She was not expecting it.

The United Overseas Bank (UOB) paid a surprise visit and apologised to the woman who kept getting debt collector's letters sent to her address on the bank's behalf even though the debtor had moved out.

Stomper Ng said that two UOB senior vice presidents went to see her on Saturday morning (Aug 26) and assured her that she would not receive any more letters and they were reviewing their processes.

"I gave feedback that the bank should have more avenues at their branches for customers to give feedback besides their hotline," said the Stomper.

"They are serious about salvaging the bank's reputation."

The Stomper had earlier shared a copy of a letter from Pinnacle Credit Service, which said that the company had been appointed by UOB to request payment for an outstanding balance of $33,872.26.

The Stomper said the person who owed the money was an ex-tenant.

"UOB did not keep track of their customers. Instead, an innocent party is not only being inconvenienced, but I have tried calling the debt collection company and no one answered. Emails were not responded to," she told Stomp then.

"My aged mother, who is mobility-constrained, was very, very worried and could not sleep for the past two weeks. She is already 93 years old and shouldn't be subject to unnecessary stress. I have sent her to my sister's home."

After the bank's visit, the Stomper said: "I hope they will have dedicated staff at their branches to handle this type of situation. I believe many people in Singapore are facing the same situation as me but choose to tolerate it when all efforts fail!"

Stomp has contacted UOB for more info.