Un-bull-ievable: Bull still on the run 2 days after escaping from Lim Chu Kang dairy farm's pen

The Singapore Food Agency (SFA) and NParks are still searching for a bull that escaped from its pen at a dairy farm in Lim Chu Kang on Tuesday (Apr 9).

The SFA said in a statement that after Viknesh Dairy Farm reported the escaped bull, SFA officers inspected the farm to ascertain that the bull was missing from Viknesh's premises.

"There is a possibility that the bull has ventured out of the farm's premises as there was a break in the farm's fencing," the statement said.

"SFA and NParks continued the search of the vicinity, including within Viknesh’s premises, today."

The search is ongoing.

According to The Straits Times, the missing male cow is a two-year-old black-and-white bull named Ganesha, after the elephant-headed Hindu deity.

It is one of a herd of 36 at the farm.

The cattle at the farm are bred for milk and also take part in religious ceremonies such as temple openings.

The farm's 78-year-old owner, Mr Manikandan, said that Ganesha had been out for a housewarming ceremony to bless a home.

The SFA has advised the public not to approach or provoke the bull and to report sightings to the Animal Response Centre at 1800-476-1600.

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