Hot topic of the week: Yishun resident stunned by cow at lift landing: Here's likely why it was there

Submitted by Stomper Gan, Dixon, Arina, Edwin, Andy, Nur Tasha, Kelvin, Barak

A Yishun resident's photos of a cow at a lift landing have gone viral on Facebook.

Stompers Gan, Dixon, Arina, Andy, Nur Tasha, Kelvin and Edwin alerted Stomp to the post.

In it, the resident posted photos of the cow at the lift landing of Block 506B, being accompanied by a man into the elevator.

While the sight is unusual, it is not the first time a cow has been spotted at a local housing estate.

The animal was likely there as part of a Hindu tradition to bless the home that someone is moving into.

The cow will brought into the home and made to walk around, thus blessing the premises, as per Hindu beliefs.

Residents who wish to have this ritual performed in their homes need to inform a dairy farm, reports The New Paper.

Permits from the Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority are required each time the cows are taken out of the farm, whose main business is supplying milk.

Before each house blessing or temple visit, the dairy farm staff will do a survey of the location.

This includes measuring the size and maximum load of the lift, as well as checking the size of the house to determine which cow from the farm is suitable for the visit.

Each cow has its own handler, as well as a farm worker who cleans up after them.

Said Stomper Barak about the ritual:

"I know it is very expensive and they need to inform Housing and Development Board and seek their permission first. 

"It is around $1,000 to $1,500. 

"If the cow urinates in the house that means it is very good and they believe it is a good blessing."