Truck driver exits vehicle to help wheelchair-bound man to cross Guillemard Road

Submitted by Stomper Audrey

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A woman witnessed a heartwarming scene at the junction of Guillemard Road and Lorong 22 Geylang on Tuesday morning (Mar 29).

Stomper Audrey said she was pulling up to the junction when she saw a driver get out of a truck.

"At first I thought he was trying to adjust something but then I saw him get out to help push an old man in his wheelchair cross the road," she said.

"He didn't just stop at the end of the junction, he made sure the old man got further before hurrying back to his truck and all within our red light so he didn't hold any cars up."

Audrey added that watching the good Samaritan's kind act "warmed the cockles of my heart".

"When will we give enough recognition to these foreign workers who toil under the hot sun and dangerous working environment to build our nation (literally) and still have the biggest hearts to be everyday heroes."