TikToker with crutches who complained about Grab driver: 'You missed the whole point of the video'

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A TikToker who posted a video about a Grab driver who wanted to charge her extra for going to higher level to pick her up said in another video that people were missing the point.

TikTok user Nopenotsyaf said: "I wasn't complaining because he didn't want to come up. I was complaining because he was rude about it."

In the first video about the Grab driver posted on Jan 4, she explained that she was using crutches due to a bad injury and her office was on the third floor but accessible via the car park.

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Because it was raining that day, she wanted to avoid going to the ground floor, which was wet and slippery.

In the screenshot of their chat that she showed in the video, she wrote: "I am on crutches. Please come up to level three car park as I cannot come down."

When the driver informed her that there would be an additional charge, she replied: "I've never had someone charge me for level three. Why is this a sudden thing?"

The driver responded: "Then good luck to you because must be fair for us. How much is your fare? Is it fair for us?"

Unhappy with the driver's response, Nopenotsyaf said in the video: "I've already escalated the issue to Grab."

She asked: "Is it not your job to provide a good service to your customer?"

Not long after, she uploaded another video about the driver. This time, she responded to a long comment posted in a Facebook group for private-hire drivers by someone who claimed to be the Grab driver in question.

The comment was a response to the first video, which was shared in the Facebook group.

To the driver's assertion that she "demanded" he went up to level three, Nopenotsyaf said: "Uncle, I requested that up come to level three. You were free to reject me, but you chose to be rude."

To the driver's revelation that Grab "stopped his job" for 72 hours, she said: "It was never my intention to get you suspended or fired. I just wanted it to be a PSA for people to be kinder to others."

Nopenotsyaf also called out the driver for denigrating her appearance with the statement: "This shows how pious wearing a tudung with piercing on your nose and the intention for posting this."

She then said: "Nowhere does Grab's policy state that you are allowed to ask your passenger for compensation. If they want to tip you, sure. But you do not ask them for it. The point here is that you were rude about it."

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A Grab spokesman confirmed that the driver's account has been temporarily suspended.

"We are sorry to learn about this unpleasant incident. It is against the driver's code of conduct to ask for additional charges," said the spokesman.

Grab added that for special requests, they hope all parties on their platforms "will communicate considerably and with understanding".

In an online poll conducted in the private-hire drivers' Facebook group, 95 per cent of 789 people voted "no" on whether Grab's decision to suspend the driver for 72 hours was right.

Nopenotsyaf has turned off the comments on her videos.

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