Think food in Singapore is expensive? Stomper's fast food meal at Vietnam airport costs $14

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We speak of rising prices and the high costs of living in Singapore -- but grass is not always greener on the other side, it seems.

Stomper JR was returning to Singapore on Dec 9 after a visit to Hanoi, Vietnam, and decided to have a meal at Noi Bai International Airport before the flight back.

JR said: "I thought of having some fast food. When I saw the Burger King restaurant, I thought that it would not be so expensive but I was sooo wrong.

"Upon payment, I was told to pay 240,000 VND (which is about S$14) for such a meal."

The Stomper's meal consisted of a chicken burger, onion rings, and a cup of Coke.

According to JR, the restaurant had displayed its menu prices in-store, though they were in USD.

JR, who was billed US$10.50 on the receipt, added: "Now who says Singapore is expensive?"