Is $5.80 for rice, fish and vegetables from cai fan stall at a food court too expensive?

Submitted by Stomper Thrifty Lady

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Stomper Thrifty Lady was stunned to be charged $5.80 for a plate of economical mixed vegetables rice at AMK Hub's food court last Friday (Oct 19) afternoon.

She told Stomp that she had ordered steamed fish fillet and garlic flower vegetables with white rice for lunch at around 1pm.

"Who knows they charged me a total of $5.80?" said the Stomper.

"I asked the stallholder and he told me that the fish fillet was charged separately.

"What? This small piece of fish fillet is $3? It's so expensive.

"Economical rice at a food court should not be so expensive, or else what is that name for?"

Thrifty Lady said she hoped that the food establishment can "reconsider" their prices.

Do you agree with the Stomper?